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Guard loves up-tempo, no-huddle Ike offense

Some athletes have to go to a certain mental place while psyching themselves up for a game or event. Some look to emulate their favorite players, while some take on a more animalistic mentality, envisioning themselves as a predator and the opponent their prey.

Although football is a love of his, Eisenhower lineman Norman Williams, Jr., has other subjects he is passionate about. He loves to swim, he enjoys cooking and enjoys his AP European history class.

A self-proclaimed history buff, Williams said if he were to compare his playing mentality on the football field, it would be do a certain figure from one of his favorite subjects.

"I'd probably say, Ares, the god of war," Williams said. "I've always liked Greek mythology, that's just my thing. Movies, books, all of it."

Williams brings that mentality to both sides of the ball, starting for the Eagles as right guard on offense and nose guard, among other positions, on defense. That killer mentality is balanced by a fun-loving spirit that was on display Friday night during the game against Woodward.

After being cooped up for two hours during a weather delay, the teams took the field for warm-ups. As AC/DC blared from the stadium speakers, Williams and safety Mark Berry played air guitar, pumping one another up.

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