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Oklahoma State’s Markel Brown (22) and Phil Forte (13) hold Marcus Smart after Smart shoved a fan in Lubbock, Texas on Saturday. Smart was suspended three games by the Big 12.

Fans need to be human beings

On the back of most sports tickets there is a long paragraph of legalese gobbledygook that talks about what the team and the people who run the arena are not responsible for.

Mainly, these paragraphs that nobody ever reads talks about how if a ball hits you, or a player flying through the air lands on your head or any other thing that can come from the normal act of play and you get injured, you can't sue.

Maybe there needs to be another paragraph, a more sternly-worded one that says that sitting in the arena or stadium isn't a right, it's a priviledge, and paying to sit somewhere does not give you the right to be ignorant.

Enter Saturday night's explosion and everything that happened to the Oklahoma State basketball team and guard Marcus Smart.

We can preface this conversation with the simple statement that Smart should have not went into the stands and pushed someone. It was a brash move that cost him and his team three games suspension and incorrectly paints Smart into the stereotype that is the new favorite of many the thug.

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