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Extreme makeover: Warrior edition

APACHE  Thinking their 20/20 vision had gone by the wayside, the Apache football players did a double take upon glancing at their brand new locker room at the start of the season.

The change was drastic and brilliant.

"It blew me away. I didn't expect anything like that," Apache quarterback Landon McCracken said. "Coming from our old lockerroom with no air conditioning, the ceiling falling in and sitting knee to knee with everybody, this new locker room is amazing."

It was much the same for the Warriors' state-of-the-art weight room, which was put in use in the second week of June.

"The weight room is what's really cool," Apache coach Larry McDaniel said. "This is really nice, and for a Class A school, it's top of the line."

Pro Maxima, a strength and conditioning company, got the team pro-level racks and the Warriors went from having three racks to eight at their disposal. With strength and conditioning at the core of every successful football program, the new weight room is a dream come true for Apache.

"It helps us get reps in efficiently. It used to take us so much longer, but now we can do so many more activities," McDaniel said. "Weight lifting has got to be emphasized  in season and off season. There's no downtime anymore, and this here helps."

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