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District races off to crazy start

I used to tease my former colleague, Seth Olson, for his infatuation (borderline compulsion) with playoff scenarios. The prime example of this would be on display leading up to the NBA playoffs. He would map out potential matchups and seedings. While I do not judge people for enjoying what they enjoy (I am in no place to judge anyone for sports-related nerdiness anyway), I wasn’t nearly as interested, for multiple reasons. The way I saw it, in a 7-game series, the cream will often rise to the top; the better team should reign supreme (though we all know that’s not always the case). And even if Team A got the 4 seed rather than Team B, I didn’t see much difference because they were going to lose to the Warriors.

But Seth also enjoyed dissecting the high school football district standings and how teams might match up in playoff meetings. And although Oklahoma high school football seems to have lacked parity over the past few seasons, high school football playoffs have at least one drama-inducing variable the NBA does not: a one-game format, where anything can happen.

And as if to prove that adage right, high school football went off the rails during the first two weeks of district play and let #WeirdFootball take over. What you thought you knew is upside down. Union is 1-4 for the first time since...ever? El Reno put up 62 points on Noble — and lost by double digits. And of course, the craziest of crazies, Carl Albert had its 40-game win streak snapped at Piedmont this past weekend. However, it wasn’t the fact that Piedmont pulled the upset that shocked people — the Wildcats appear to be a real force to be reckoned with. Rather, it was that a team held Carl Albert to six points and a minuscule time of possession stat.

So now, with teams like Piedmont, Noble, Coweta, Cleveland and Perkins-Tryon in enviable positions, what more can happen? Well, we have about half a season left to find out.

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