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A change is needed, and it starts with us

Here's the game: I give you a job description, and you tell me if it entices you in any way.

For starters, the pay for this job is minimal, and you have to go through hours of training just to get the chance to do the job. Once you're there, though, that's when the fun starts.

You are constantly scrutinized. Complete strangers scream at you, tell you how awful you are at your job. On the days when you are doing better than average, people either don't notice, or they simply refuse to acknowledge how well you did.

People constantly tell you you're wrong, and they're right, dnd you best believe that when something happens that does not go the way those people hoped, you will get blamed for it, regardless of whether it was even your fault. Because the crowd is never wrong, of course.

You are mocked and berated, told you are "horrible" and "a disgrace" by people who have never been in your line of work. I also can't guarantee that people won't make fun of your appearance, attributes or anything else about yourself they find easy to target.

However, there are some perks to every job, right? Sure, not everybody likes having their intelligence or knowledge of their profession questioned, but just "tough it out" and "take it like a man".

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