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Are we witnessing greatest NCAA tournament ever?

There are some sporting events that transcend the realm of sports and turn into human interest stories.

The NCAA Tournament is such an event, with diehard fans and casual viewers alike filling out brackets each year.

But the 2018 tourney has become something different altogether. It is being discussed everywhere, even among people who typically couldn't care less about the sport. And a good percentage of the conversation has little to do with the basketball itself.

Compelling storylines are a tournament mainstay. But it's as if big-budget movie executives took this year's bracket and said, "Nah, let's throw something real crazy in there".

While nearly every tournament has buzzer-beaters and upets, this tournament has cranked it up a few notches. From game-winning shots to game-changing wins and some priceless coach interviews thrown in for good measure, this past weekend gave us everything we expect from the tournament, and a bit more.

This weekend, we were able to witness the greatest first four days of any NCAA Tournament in recent years, maybe ever.

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