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Lawton Murals

More Lawton Murals

Morgandale’s mural presents an image of the rarity found in both, a living mermaid and the American democratic ideal existing.

Jacksons's Laundromat, 536 SW 11th

Russell's Donuts 6518 Cache Road

Chief's Smokin' Ice House, 3150 Cache Road

Sonrise Super Thrift, 602 S. Sheridan

Guy's Body Shop, 902 SW 2nd

Leo & Ken's Truck Stop, 103 E. Lee

Shady Lady Liquor Store, 802 SW 11th

4900 block of Quanah PArker Trailway near junction with westbound Cache Road

1300 block of Northwest 13th Street

Honest Harry's Pawn, 401 SW 11th

Vaska, 1902 NW Ferris

Chief's Smokin' Ice House, 1315 W. Lee

Medical Farm-A-Seed, 2115 N. Sheridan

Lovesick Ministries, 1107 SW Summit