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We don't have to tell you headaches are a pain

Have you ever had a headache that just wouldn't go away? Dr. Troy Harden and Dr. Marian Bennett recently shed some light on the different types of headaches and how they are treated.

Harden is continuity clinic director at Lawton Community Health Center and Bennett is a second-year family practice resident at the facility.

"There are many types of headaches that bother people every day," Harden said. "Several headaches include the tension headache, where muscles actually pull in the head and make patients suffer; the migraine headache, which people often think is always very painful, but it's not always. There is a vascular problem associated with migraine headaches, and the patient needs to be thoroughly checked out to rule out any other problems."

"The sinus headache is caused from congestion in the head, and that can be painful," he said.

"Cluster headaches are another type of headache that needs to be investigated. If you have shooting pain on the side of your head, which may occur for two or three days, and then disappear for a while, you may be suffering from cluster headaches."

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