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Sluggish after too much holiday eats? Get up and move!

There are many strong-willed people in the world, but who doesn't tend to overeat or at least indulge a little on the extra treats provided during the holiday season?

After all, there are traditional dishes that most people only have the opportunity to eat or drink during specific times of the year.

Ashley Lazzerini, community wellness dietitian at the Comanche County Health Department, offered the following tips to encourage individuals to get up and move.

"Most people report finding it hardest to just get into workout gear or show up to the gym," Lazzerini said. "Think less and just do, like the famous Nike quote 'Just do it.' If it's going to be healthy for your mind and body  do not overanalyze."

When people overeat, which is almost guaranteed this time of year, they become tired and feel lethargic, which funnels right into depression pathways.

"Get up and move and feel better about everything, including the second helping of dessert you may have had," Lazzerini said.

She recommends people  like soldiers  who are unable to leave the area for the holidays or any other time sign up and participate in a 5K.

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