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Nurse helps coworker survive heart attack; you can, too

How many people get to help save the life of a co-worker? Jayne Gallimore, a registered and oncology certified nurse, has worked at Comanche County Memorial Hospital for 40 years. Last Aug. 27, she helped a co-worker who was having a heart attack.

Tammy Hardman, an operator office medical coordinator at the Leah M. Fitch Cancer Center, said she had just been working on her elbow during physical therapy that day. She felt very tired, and  had a high level of anxiety.

"As I was preparing to go home, I felt this horizontal feeling across my chest that was worsening and very painful," Hardman said. "I went down the hall calling out Jayne's name and wasn't sure she was there. She came around the corner and was startled to see I was in such distress."

Gallimore called out for a wheelchair and ended up getting one herself, according to Hardman, who was 56 years old at the time.

"By then I was in the bathroom vomiting, and she came in to help me and said we needed to go to the ER right now," Hardman said. "She had me get in the wheelchair and rushed me to the ER as fast as she could. ... She stayed with me and helped the nurses in the ER prep me for EKG."

Hardman was informed by doctors in the ER she was having a heart attack and they would be doing emergency surgery. Gallimore took Hardman's phone and contacted her emergency contact and family members.

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