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Myths dispelled regarding flu vaccine

'Tis the dreaded flu season and those who haven't already received vaccinations to protect them still have time.

Have you ever heard someone say they don't get the flu shot because it gives them the flu? Justine Kenney that's not true.

Kenney is a nurse practitioner for MedExpress, 3428 Cache Road. She offers some insight on symptoms as well as warnings to avoid spreading the virus.

"One of the most common misconceptions people have about the flu vaccines is  every time they get the flu shot they think they are going to get the flu," Kenney said. "The flu shot, which is now recommended this year by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), not the nasal mist, is an inactivated virus. It's never going to be an activated virus. So we won't get the flu from the shot. We can get side effects such as headache, a little cold, a few body aches. It does not last near as long. It's not actually the flu."

If the flu shot makes you sick, it's probably an allergic reaction or something else, according to Kenney.

"People who have said, 'I never get the flu shot because when I got it one time it made me sick.'" Kenney said. "These symptoms are likely side effects. We can have small side effects from the flu shot but it doesn't last as long as the flu and is not the flu."

Another common misconception is when people think it's too late to get the flu shot and they don't need it.

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