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Make first aid the first priority

With the kids out of school for the summer, many people are planning their summer vacations, and a good number will be driving their own vehicles. Some will be taking campers for lakeside or mountain retreats.

People should have a first aid kit in their cars, their campers and their offices as well as in the home. Before packing up for the summer vacation, Ma'Shawn Johnson, a registered nurse for the Comanche County Health Department, recommends checking your first aid kit for any expired creams, ointments and sprays, as well as restocking some vital items.

"Check your first aid kit every two months, in case anything has expired and if something has changed in your life, for instance, if you have a new diagnosis," Johnson said. "If you have allergies, pack Benadryl (or other allergy medicines recommended by your physician)."

Check for expiration dates on all medications inside the first aid kit: acetaminophen, diarrhea medications, saline for flushing your eyes, hydrocortisone, and other creams like burn treatment and antiseptic creams.

"You may also have some lubricants for being out in the sun," Johnson said. "Check for expiration dates on that. You should have some kind of bug repellant, preferably something that contains Deet, and also sunblock. Sunblock should be SPF 15 or higher. You should reapply sun block every two hours if you are in the water. If you are not in the water or if you are sweating a lot, every three to four hours is fine."

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