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Everything you ever wanted to know about feet

Although foot pain may be caused by something gone wrong with the foot, Dr. John Cauthon, podiatrist with Southwest Foot & Ankle Clinic says the feet are connected to whole body and sometimes there are systemic illnesses that can affect the feet as well.

There may be multiple causes for foot pain, besides the wrong kind of shoe. He says high heels are good for his business.

But there's not a particular brand of shoe Cauthon recommends over any other.

"Typically, I'm not a brand person because nowadays we have so many good brands," he said. "I am very much a believer in styles of shoes. You want to have the shoe that is appropriate to whatever activity you are doing. If you are running, you want a running shoe. If you are playing tennis, you want a tennis shoe. Even in the dress/workplace, there are dress shoes that are more sensible and appropriate to good foot health than some that may put your foot at greater risk. Brand names don't matter to me."

Cauthon said he is a believer in you get what you pay for.

"If you tend to buy less expensive, then you get a less expensive experience," Cauthon said. "High heels are good for my business. I'm not going to tell anyone what to do or what not to do on that.

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