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Equipped to save a life

While sitting in his recliner on New Year's Day 2013, Frank Tahah had a heart attack and stopped breathing. He had very little chance of survival.

When a person stops breathing for any reason  accident, heart attack or even choking on a bit of food  they can only be "without oxygen between four to six minutes before major impairment or death occurs," said Carletta Glasgow, nursing assistant instructor at Great Plains Technology Center.

It is critical to get them breathing again, and waiting for a first-responder after calling 911 may not be a livable option for the stricken person.

An emergency can happen at any time, any location.

Frank Tahah had been to the emergency room on two days before complaining of burning chest pains, his wife Ann Tahah said, explaining that he slept in his recliner sitting up all night because of the pain.

"We were told he had acid reflux," she said. Frank had all the risk factors for heart disease and had lost two siblings to heart-related problems within the previous three months.

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