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Duncan couple both contracted West Nile; wife still feels effects

DUNCAN  A Duncan couple both contracted West Nile Virus in July 2016. His case was mild and he believes he is pretty much over it now, but his wife's case was more serious and she still experiences problems.

Leo Watson, former associate district judge for Cotton County, said he retired in 2006 due to complications with lupus. His wife, Pat, has also had previous problems with lupus. Since they are both in their early 70s with other health issues, the couple dismissed the early symptoms of West Nile as being caused by other conditions at first.

Pat Watson said they are not outside people due to some of their health issues. "People have asked, 'Were you at the lake?' We said no. We go in and out and take the trash and our neighbor has a dog we love to give scraps ... I don't know whether I got a mosquito going out and coming in," she said. "We started finding swarms of mosquitoes in the house. I don't know if one came in and laid eggs."

They woke up one morning and both had a rash. They thought the high fever might be the flu or possibly caused by their health issues flaring.

"We were both very, very sick," Pat said. "As I told the doctor when we finally got over the worst of it, if we had not both had it at the same time I would have insisted that he go to the doctor. When he saw how sick I was, he would have insisted I go to the doctor. We were both so sick, it was almost like we just slept. I slept 22 hours a day."

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