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Cycling to add to fun, challenge of this year's

Spirit of Survival

For the first time this year, four bicycling routes have been added to the Spirit of Survival. In it's 12th year, SOS is an annual event with walk/run and now cycling events that raise funds to benefit the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma in Altus, Lawton and Duncan. Activities in 2016 brought more than 1,725 participants  men, women and children  from points all over Oklahoma and as far away as Blue Springs, Mo.; Portales, N.M. and Odenton, Md.

Bicycling routes will include 14, 26, 51 and 64 mile races that start Sept. 30 in Elmer Thomas Park.

Spirit of Survival events that begin in Elmer Thomas Park on Oct. 1 will include: a Kid's Marathon Spirit Walk; 5K Run/Walk; a 6.55 Quarter Marathon and a 13.1 Half Marathon.

Lane Hooton, Chief Operating Officer for Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma is an avid cyclist. He recently rode in the Hotter'N Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls, Texas. Hooton said that race included participants of every shape and size, males and females, kids and guys in their 80s riding different distances.

"Cycling is something you can do for a long time. It's easy on your legs and easy on your body  unless you wreck," Hooton said and laughed.

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