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Breast Center evolves with addition of new screen tools

In 2014, the most recent year numbers are available through the Centers for Disease Control, 236,968 women and 2,141 men in the U.S. were diagnosed with breast cancer. That same year, 41,211 women and 465 men in the United States died from breast cancer.

About one in eight women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point.

The good news is that most women can survive breast cancer if it's found and treated early. A mammogram  the screening test for breast cancer  can help find breast cancer early when it's easier to treat, according to

Dr. Howard Harper has been a radiologist in Lawton since 1998. In that time, he's seen a lot of changes in mammography. Harper said The Breast Center was the first to incorporate those changes.

"First we had X-rays, back when I was in residency," Harper said. "Then came digital, which was made on the screen and there was no X-ray. Then came computer-aided detection, which is where the computer actually scans the images and it finds points of interest and marks them for you."

The Breast Center was the first in Oklahoma and fifth in the nation to provide 3-D mammography, according to Monique Preston, corporate director. "In 2016, we upgraded to C-View 3-D mammography, which provides lesser radiation to the patient," Preston said.

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