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Body donation a unique way to advance science

There seems to be frequent publicity on donating your blood, donating your organs and even donating your money, but have you ever considered donating your body to science for medical research or education?

In Oklahoma and many other states, it is illegal to sell body parts or tissue and the Anatomical Board for the State of Oklahoma oversees the collection, preservation, storage, distribution, delivery, recovery for users, cremation, and final disposition of all deceased human bodies used for health science education and research in the state.

There are several options to research and choose from, and those who wish to donate their bodies should do so well in advance. It's not the sort of thing that generally comes to mind when a loved on passes away.

Forms are available online to get the process started through the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine Willed Body Program; the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Body Donation Program or the United Tissue Network, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in Norman. Although there may be others in Oklahoma, these are the three that will be addressed here.

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