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Activities are fun ways to delay progress of dementia

The following mind  exercises are provided by Michelle Dean, recreation director for the "Yellow Wing" at Lawton/Fort Sill Veterans Center.

"These can be done with mild or advanced dementia," she said.

1. Trivia games  This can be played as "name that tune," or "tell me something that is yellow you can eat," "what number comes next or in the middle" or "what am I" (describing an animal or other object).

2. Sequence games  Put four to five pictures in order that they will happen, you can do the same with numbers or drawings.

3. Categories  You can use the marker board and write fruit at the top of one category and vegetables at the top of the other. Have individuals or teams name examples of one fruit and one vegetable. You could also use cars on one side and trucks on the other, or any categories of your chosing.

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