Grain Report for 9/28/2020 - Final ***This report will no longer display cotton price. The USDA Market Report for cotton can be found at Please Note Sorghum bids are now listed as ($/bu).

US #2 Yellow Corn (Bulk)

Location;Basis (¢/Bu);Price($/Bu);Price Change;Average

Lawton;25.00Z;3.9175;UP 0.0150;3.9175

US #1 Sorghum (Bulk)

Location;Basis (¢/Bu);Price($/Bu);Price Change;Average

Hobart;30.00Z;3.9675;UP 0.0150;3.9675

Lawton;40.00Z;4.0675;UP 0.0150;4.0675

US #1 Soybeans (Bulk)

Location;Basis (¢/Bu);Price($/Bu);Price Change;Average

Weatherford;-80.00X;9.1625;DN 0.0625;9.1625

US #1 Hard Red Winter Wheat (Bulk)

Location;Protein;Basis (¢/Bu);Price($/Bu);Price Change;Average

Eldorado;Ordinary;-25.00Z;4.5775;UP 0.0750;4.5775

Frederick;Ordinary;-28.00Z;4.5475;UP 0.0750;4.5475

Hobart;Ordinary;-25.00Z;4.5775;UP 0.0750;4.5775

Lawton;Ordinary;-30.00Z;4.5275;UP 0.0750;4.5275

Temple;Ordinary;-30.00Z;4.5275;UP 0.0750;4.5275

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