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Why is Indian food so incredibly good?

Everything you need to know about Indian food can be found in a single phrase in a cookbook by the otherwise reasonable Anupy Singla.

The book "Indian for Everyone" contains a recipe for Chana Aloo, a meal of curried chickpeas and potatoes. Calling the dish comforting and wholesome, she adds that it is  and this is the important phrase  "an easy dinner option."

The recipe for Chana Aloo contains 19 ingredients, and two of these are complicated spice mixes that she suggests you make yourself. One of the spice mixes is created from six ingredients, the other from 17 ingredients.

That, to an Indian cook, is an easy dinner option.

On the other hand, and this cannot be stressed enough, it is this multiplicity of ingredients and the painstaking process of putting them together that makes Indian food so sublime. The dishes are built from layers upon layers of flavors, combining in an unworldly melange of complex tastes.

In other words, Indian food is worth the effort. Oh, how it is worth it.

India, a vast and multifaceted nation with 22 official languages and nine recognized religions, is home to more than 17 percent of the world's total population. What that means in culinary terms is that the country is not defined by one single style of cooking.

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