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Video game resolutions bring fun to new year

It's 2018, and we enter the uncharted new year with hope and enthusiasm fueled by New Year's resolutions. 

At least some of us. Less than a week into January and the only accomplishment I can be proud of is being able to remember to write 2018 on paperwork. So instead of admitting defeat so quickly for resolutions of getting into shape or dropping a bad habit, I've decided to focus my resolutions on something that I might actually achieve  video game-related tasks. After all, part of the fun of playing games is the challenge. Take a look and perhaps add some to your list.

Resist the call of loot boxes

My first resolution is probably the easiest to adhere, and almost certainly would be considered cheating. So I'll channel my inner GameShark or Game Genie for this one. I've avoided paying for any sort of loot box or add-on that requires me to fork over real cash for the chance of winning something. If I wanted to do that, I would go to a casino. At least there I'm contributing to the local economy and have a chance of getting something back that consists of more than 1s and 0s. 

Loot boxes have become a bane of the industry and of gamers who want balanced entertainment and challenges  be it single-player or multiplayer. Their influence continues to grow, even going as far as to completely ruin one of the more promising games of 2017, "Star Wars Battlefront II." I'll just continue ignoring these titles for now. 

Beat a "Dark Souls" title or "Bloodborne" 

Ever since FROM Software released "Demon's Souls" in 2009, followed by "Dark Souls" in 2011, a new genre has been defined by slower-paced combat with incredible difficulty. Each game in the "Souls" franchise has been an amazing experience. "Bloodborne" took the formula, added in some H.P. Lovecraft and slightly increased the pace of the combat, making it one of the best games of 2015. And I haven't beaten a single one of them. 

I have invested many hours into each game FROM has released in this new genre, but I always end up hitting a wall at some point and losing interest. It's time to change that  to go back and triumph over one of the most fulfilling experiences of the last decade. I am prepared to die. 

Don't let single-player gaming die

In keeping with my previous resolution, it's my mission to ensure single-player games don't continue to fade away. Studios and publishers are chasing that "games-as-a-service" money because games are more expensive to make than ever before. Those 4K assets require time and money. Few are willing to pay more for those games, so publishers have to turn to alternate sources of revenue. It's understandable, but not to be realized at the expense of the single-player experience. 

Some of the best games of last year, including "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild," "Super Mario Odyssey" and my game of the year, "Horizon: Zero Dawn," were single player and they exhibited the magic that can be found within that framework. I'll be putting my money where my principles are and will steer clear of games that are packed with needless multiplayer, or which forsake their single-player roots. 

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