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ORB, Thanh Le release new single

Oli Rey Ben, a.k.a. ORB (Hiei Enriquez) stopped into Studio Blanket/Tent Fort, along with his cohort in 1GCrew, Thanh Le, to tape this week's show and to world premiere their latest single "RoK Wid U." The track is a thumper and with verses by ORB, Le and Mugen Entertainment artist E.M.P., each voice pushes the next further. With Scikoe Williams' catchy hook, it's got summer hit potential. 

Nothing would make ORB or Le happier. After a year from inception to finished product, it is in its prime. Time is only an allusion anyway, according to ORB.

"It's probably our best project because it took all our lives to write it," he said. "When you're in space, time doesn't flow from here to there."

Although home is in Edmond, ORB claims outer space as his home habitat. That may be. He's a self-taught musician on drums, keyboards, guitar, DJ and a producer, as well as a photographer, video director/producer and a master of promotion. You'd almost have to be an alien to keep up with his hustle. 

"I've had to learn difficult things myself and have become more self-reliant," ORB said. "I tend to understate my abilities and over-deliver with my results. ... I try to best myself, to push myself to the next step."

Le said their partnership is taking their separate artistic visions into a unified and exciting future direction. Their next release, "100 for 100" will exemplify that, he said. ORB called it a community, a partnership, a brotherhood.

The self-proclaimed "People's Champ," ORB wears his prize belt everywhere. He said it's on 24 hours a day with the stipulation that he's always ready for a challenge to the title  "even rock, paper, scissors." While he's playful about the name, it actually has deep meaning for the artist and his message.

"I'm the voice for the voiceless," ORB said. "I use my platform to make people see what's going on and help people not be ignorant. I want to expand people's minds and worldviews to promote equality and to be positive."

"You know, my kids are biracial," he said. "I want them to live a life of true equality, no matter their sexual identity or race or any of that."

A musician made whole with his message, ORB claims that his musical influence is simply freedom. 

"I'm influenced by seeing people structuring and living their lives as they want," he said. 

ORB said by carrying that with his character, his enthusiasm and authenticity will help people buy into his brand. Along with 1GCrew's summer successes with connection with Mugen Entertainment, he's also growing in demand with his video production skills. His work on the "RoK Wid U" video are easily MTV quality, as you can see by finding it on YouTube. There'd be a link here but it wasn't released until Thursday night following the airing of the radio show.

You can find the new single at, and

Although he's left Facebook  "I believe there was just too much negativity," he said  there is still a 1GCrew Facebook page as well as other social medias, including BandCamp. You can also find them on Instagram: olireyben OliReyBen and tlprod1gcrew T.L.

* * * 

A Fundraiser for Ginny featuring music by Amanda Cunningham, Ed Stonerock, Rodney Whaley & Just Strangers will kick off the weekend 7 p.m. Friday, at Park Tavern in Medicine Park. There will be a dinner fundraiser  suggested donation $10, and a silent auction will also be held. 

Parkie Ginny Sahler, owner of the Blissful Body, has broken both wrists in a recent accident and is currently unable to work. It's hoped funds from this night will help during this tough time.

* * *

An era ended Saturday night with Komatryp's Last Show.

I hate admitting that age and the weekend caught up to the columnist and I missed the last time the local big four: Komatryp, Backwash, DeadCore and Southern Aggression; would share the Railhead Saloon stage. But, thanks to the technology, I've watched Facebook live videos and caught up. You should too.

Here's video from friend-of-the-column Alissa Reed. It's Komatryp's last song from their last show with a who's who from the local metal community and Railhead family  "Mudhole"

* * * 

A short vacation trip to Austin, Texas, led the columnist into the Sunday Night Soul Revue with Soul Man Sam Evans at the Skylark Lounge, 2039 Airport Blvd. It was an experience every lover of music should have. 

Holy smokes, Batman! If you love live music, great musicianship and the talents of a legend under the intimate blue lights and electricity of the crowd on a Sunday night, then this is heaven on earth. 

Now blind, Evans' other senses more than compensate on "Soul Sunday," and more  "We do this every night!" A true showman who began his career in Memphis, Tenn., he's trekked throughout the country opening for many greats. But it's here where he found home about six years ago. He invites everyone, tourists and townies alike, to come on out and shake a tailfeather. That's an invitation well worth accepting. 

* * * 

We still need more performers who been a part of the radio show or who will be in the future, to send us your best funny covers, originals and mash-ups for the LLOLAF End-Of-SummerSpecial Mix Tape. You can record it yourself or, you need to come to the studio, either contact Steve Carr or the columnist via our Facebook page:; or email our email:

Have fun. This song could be inspiration for a cover, considering the recent referendum passed: nGarfunkle & Oates  "Weed Card"

ORB and Le's visit to "Today's Best Soundemonium!" with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist was a good time filled with fun experiments in words and sound. 

Jokey returned to a galaxy far, far away for this week's joke. Here's the punchline:

"The Sith grade."

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