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Musicians have flair for fun

A pair of mighty musicians with a flair for fun, Jeremy Dodd and Dakota Hooper entered Studio Blanket/Tent Fort this week to make and adventure out of "Today's Best Soundemonium!" with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist.

Dodd, who was the bulwark riffmaster of the mighty Killer Whale, hasn't been playing music out for a while. When the band called it quits six years ago, he enjoyed playing some acoustic shows. That was before beginning his tattoo artist apprenticeship with Elite Skin Art. Since passing through that, he's been a busy skin sticker. But it never stopped the music. 

"I got into tattooing so I could be a musician full-time," Dodd said. "It was a long time coming getting back (into music)."

Hooper and Dodd have been working together for about a year. What began with Dodd taking lessons from Hooper — "I've been playing guitar for about 17 years but now really learning the instrument" — the pair are finding a partnership in creativity. Hooper, who's made a name in a couple of Nacho Cart/Kart incarnations has been recording the 6-song EP from TITAN that is due in December. But extra creativity flows and needs an outlet.

Together, Hooper and Dodd are working as a form of fun therapy. Calling it Void Collar, the pair were tasked with putting together in five days for this week's show. They came through with colors with the instrumental, "Don't Be Too Harsh." 

"We got together and played stuff we've both been working on," Hooper said. "It's an almost two minutes sample of what this song could be. ... It's like the fun guitar parts everyone wants to do."

Dodd added the drums and bass to the riffs to help flesh things out. The pair recorded at his home onto the Garageband program.

"This is just a pick up the instruments and record them piece by piece thing," Dodd said. "It's about challenging yourself as a musician."

Listen for more from these two. They got a lot more challenges to slay — and play.

* * *

Lincoln, Neb., artist Rich Stripling, a.k.a. Broken Root is a one-man show while on tour across the country. The singer began his road journey Aug. 12. An Oct. 25 stop at Lawton's Railhead Saloon displayed what he's all about. 

With an acoustic guitar, his original songs "Salvation" and "Summer's Ball" caught ears and attention with inflections of Bob Dylan that form all original. "St. Jude, Saint of Lost Causes" resonated with Leanord Cohen's word power but a resonance all the singer's. Enjoining his audience to howl at the moon with him, "Laramie" came as close to a country song as it could and still rock out. That's exactly as Stripling intended. He fuses the right music for the meaning of his songs.

"When I write a song, if it happens to be a country song, then it's a country song," he said, "and that's what this is."

A Gretsch electric guitar and small Fender amp allowed the set to take an energetic turn with a rare cover. "Turn the Page" was a Broken Root version that sounded all his own. You can't deny a singer who goes for the Bob Seger "hrrrrrrruhs" but through his own voice.

The closing song, "Feel and Fear" was a pared down instrumentation but no less punchy take on the original from his EP, "Selections from Paradise." The EP is abbreviated from the still-in-production full-length album "Falling Through Paradise" that should be released soon. Check out the soulfully creepy video: •Broken Root — "Feel and Fear" —

Broken Root is worth the search. Interesting, complex and raw, the music's heart is passion that rings through every note. Stripling sings with his heart on his sleeve as a true artist. I look forward to his return.

You can check out what Broken Root is about via its Facebook or Reverb Nation pages.

* * *

With it nearly time for the Nov. 6 election, 1GCrew has released a political punk rock/hip hop song for the times: •1GCrew — "Corporate America" —

I approve this message.

* * * 

Dodd and Hooper were a blast for this week's edition of "Today's Best Soundemonium!" with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist, the 98th since the show premiere on Dec. 1, 2016. Much love is sent to Paid In Spades for taking hold of "The Great Soundforce" and shaking out a terrific version of Tenacious D's song "Jesus Ranch."

Jokey is priming for Thanksgiving with this week's joke set-up. Here's the punchline:

"Post Baste."

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