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McGraw, Hill find harmony on record

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)  In a scene from their Showtime documentary, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are rehearsing for their elaborate Soul2Soul tour, one of the biggest tours of their careers. Hill is on top of the stage singing "Devil Calling Me Back," while McGraw is at the bottom of an opening on the stage waiting to be lifted up on a platform to join her.

"So Faith is dancing and I am about ready to get on this (lift) and I hear a whack," McGraw recounted later.

In the documentary, which comes out Friday, Hill plummeted backward into the hole in the stage, a six-foot drop onto her back. McGraw cradled her under the stage, while the crew rushed to her aid. Luckily, she escaped serious injury and was back performing the next day.  

"It was a scary, scary moment," McGraw said. "If she had fallen on her ankle or fallen on her head, it would have broken her neck. If she had fallen any other way than she fell, it would have been a disaster."

They took the song out of the set list, but Hill is not deterred. "I want to put that song back in," Hill said. "It's some of my favorite lighting in the show."

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