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Headrick to review Rinehart autobiography

Mary Roberts Rinehart may just be one of the most famous authors you've never heard of.

Rinehart wrote prolifically, producing hundreds of short stories, dozens of books and numerous poems.

During the first World War, she served as a war correspondent for the Saturday Evening Post on the Belgian front. Rinehart made regular contributions to The Saturday Evening Post that helped to shape middle-class American tastes.

She beat breast cancer after undergoing a mastectomy, and then published a taboo-shattering article about the procedure during a time when such things were not discussed.

And yet, these days, her name is mostly confined to the annals of history.

Carol Headrick is a book reviewer who hopes to shed a little light on on Rinehart's life when she speaks at the Lawton Book and Play Review Club.

"Most people have not heard of her. It's kind of a sad thing to me because she was probably one of the most famous women in America," Headrick said. "A writer, journalist and bestseller. Some say she was the highest paid author of the time, although Rinehart said she doubted that."

Headrick discovered Rinehart after a trip to the famous Archer City, Texas, bookstore Booked Up.

"This summer I was looking for a book to review for the spring, so I went upstairs and looked in my bookcase and I found a biography of Mary Roberts Rinehart that I had bought after reading the back cover. I saw that I had bought it in Archer City. I read that and ordered another biography, and then I ordered her autobiography," Headrick said. 

Headrick will be reviewing "My Story" Rinehart's autobiography, for the Lawton Book and Play Review Club.

According to Headrick, Rinehart began writing as a way to supplement her family income. 

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