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'Destiny 2' developers caught in cheating players of experience - twice

Do you ever feel like you're just not making any progress toward that next level in "Destiny 2?" Don't worry, it's not just you. It's the game.

More than a week ago, a group of intrepid individuals on Reddit announced the results of a test they've been running for a pretty good length of time. The test was aimed at solving the issue so many players have had in recent months  why does it seem to take longer to level up in "Destiny 2" lately? The players discovered that the game, and developer Bungie Studios by proxy, was lying to its player base. While the game might state you received a certain number of experience points applied toward your next free Bright Engram  Bungie's version of the oh so popular loot box  you were, in fact, getting much less. How much less? That depends on how much you played a certain activity. 

Yes, spending too much time playing "Destiny 2" actually slowed your progress. That makes absolutely no sense. But in Bungie's eyes, it did. The more a player focused on grinding out public events, the less experience he or she received toward a Bright Engram. The same goes for players who focused primarily on running campaign missions again, strikes and even the Crucible, the "Destiny 2" multiplayer component. Once a player hit the cap, the experience allocation would drop by 95 percent. 

Bungie was called out by Reddit and members of the video game community and quickly responded by admitting it implemented a system called "moment experience scaling" that was designed to prevent players from reaching the endgame too quickly with simple grinding. The system, Bungie said, wasn't working properly, so it was deactivated while it investigated the issues. 

Sounds great, right? Everyone would go back to receiving the number of experience points they were actually told they were receiving, right? Well, for the first time since the launch of "Destiny 2," players are receiving the exact number of experience points they should receive. But leveling has not improved. The grind is even more difficult than before. 

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