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Carter brothers to release new single

Emerging from within Smokey Motel, the Carter brothers  Steven and Isaiah  are readying to shed their chrysalis and emerge reborn with a new single called "I Die."

Steven Carter, the older brother at 23, plays guitar and sings, and Isaiah Carter, 21, handles drum and percussion. Although young, they are seasoned veterans of the rock and road life.

"My brother and I were in a band called No Render that we had started when we were around 10 and 12 years old," Steven Carter said. "Not being from a big town or city, (Davidson) we really had to work hard to build our name and reputation."

Citing their father's influence as their core, the Carter brothers' blood-bond tightens their music and their musical connection tightens their bond. With No Render, they made their way to the gilded position of signing a record deal with Full Force Records in 2016. You can still find that band online at Facebook, ReverbNation, Bandcamp and Sound-Cloud. 

Nine years of touring nationally and a revolving door of other bandmates eventually ended the first band. Inspiration came at the right time and opened the band to its new age. Creative differences whittled the band's membership down to the essentials  the Carters.

"We were in the middle of writing for a new record when we met producer Colton Jean at a house show in Oklahoma City," Steven Carter said. "Although we weren't aware of it at the time, it was on that day that our new journey began. With a clean slate, we decided to start something new, something fresh. That's when Smokey Motel came to be."

Taking their cue to work "behind the curtains to find our sound" with Jean, Steven Carter said the duo found its niche through trial and error. It was almost like the vision clarified as the smoke cleared. Tangling up their rock and roll with dream pop dressing to make something unique, their musical stories are more sophisticated than one would expect from a pair of young brothers from rural Tillman County. 

Friday's release of their debut single, "I Die," on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and other streaming services marks a new entry into a bigger story, according to Steven Carter. The band's name is also the setting for the songs to make up the "Smokey Motel." Each successive song will add another room in its structure. These rooms provide stories by the story.

Steven Carter describes "I Die" as "the bastard child of Gorrillaz, Audioslave and Alt-J." It tells the story of the motel's first room  the room of Steven Carter's death. He calls it "the first stop of long journey" left to unfold.

After a listen, I'm blown away at how fresh it sounds. It's a mix of original new wave and Oklahoma rock and roll and modern sensibilities. "I Die" is a terrific birth of something special. It fits Steven Carter's description as "rock-tangled dream-pop" but keeps its feet firmly on the ground, never conceding its vision. That's a mature move for young songwriters/composers.

The Carter brothers will be showing up at Studio Blanket/Tent Fort for the Nov. 30 edition of the column's radio show. Be listening for some special good stuff to come from that. Until then, keep up with the band via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Medicine Park's Cobblestone Row has a Halloween party set up with a little bit of something for everyone Saturday. During the daytime, Small Mountain Street Tacos, 172 E. Lake Drive, will host a Halloween Fun Costume Contest at 1 p.m. with first-place prizes for kids, cats and dogs. That could be tricky. 

Once the sun sinks lower in the sky and you're in the mood for music, DuPree will provide the perfect treat. Known for its blend of classic rock, old school r&b and original numbers, the band will make the Boondocks Stage the place to be from 7-10 p.m. The show is all ages and there will be food for everyone and beer specials for the kids above the age of 21.

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Tuesday morning's death from natural causes of rock and roll pioneer Fats Domino at the age of 89 is still a tough one to take. How many of us have looked for that legendary Blueberry Hill in which to find a thrill? Just like the New Orleans "King of the Keyboard," it's a rare thing to behold. Here's the perfect blend of the two: nFats Domino  "Blueberry Hill" (from Austin City Limits)

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After almost five years away, the mighty Backwash returned Sunday night, along with the new season of The Walking Dead, to the home stage of the Railhead Saloon, 909 S. Sheridan. In what was billed as "A Night With the Backing Dead," the longtime favorites marked a definitive return with their set. Following the comedy of opener Hambone, the four hams in Backwash offered their own entertaining hour of music as they dove deep into their song bag of tricks. They can also crack jokes as well as anyone at the Improv.

Check out the night's opener (along with a "countryesque" subterfuge interlude to open things): nBackwash  "11:34"

It was a show that was more or less for the Sunday Funday family at the club, but word spread and it filled up. Just because you missed Sunday night's show doesn't mean you have to miss out. The band will actually give you chance to say "thanks" when you have the opportunity to gobble up another good time at the Railhead for the Wednesday Night Turkey Massacre, Nov. 22.

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Josh Katvala, Wes Morin and Mike "Beartholomew" Bennett from Deadcore stopped into Studio Blanket/Tent Fort for this week's edition of "Today's Best Soundemonium!" with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist. An afternoon of shenanigans and other silliness was indulged in. The band is stoked about its upcoming gig opening for Dope and Hed PE Nov. 3 at the Great Plains Coliseum, 920 S. Sheridan. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show gets going at 7 p.m. The local heavyweights will be joined by Lawton's Paid in Spades and Komatryp. These three will be showing what the local metal community has to offer when up against the big boys. The headliners better bring their A-game. 

Deadcore's reputation, built on strong songs and dynamic live shows, helped the band bring Mushroomhead to Lawton last year for a well-received concert at the Coliseum. This time around, it'll be three local heavy hitters setting the stage. You know what kind of madness the seven-member Deadcore can bring after hearing a cut of their song "Killusionist" during that show: nDeadcore  "Killusionist"

Known for putting on one-of-a-kind Halloween shows at the Railhead, it's odd not seeing Deadcore topping Saturday night's bill. This year features Dred Dour, Aberrant Construct, Desecration Conflict and the previously unknown 151. Katvala said that with the big show so close on the horizon, contractually Deadcore can't perform. It does, however support the home venue and its artists  "Let's just say that Deadcore endorses 151," Katvala said.

Tickets for the Nov. 3 all-ages concert at the Coliseum are $17 in advance and available from literally every member of Deadcore, Paid in Spades and Komatryp. Hit them up via their respective Facebook pages and get out to support the hometown heroes and have some great fun locally. 

In returning to the show, it was special that Deadcore were guests on its 50th edition. It's kind of insane that we've been allowed to do it this long. Thanks for listening to the show and reading the column. Be looking for us to up the ante over the course of the next 50 shows. 

Jokey McJokerson elbow-dropped the joke set-up. Here's the near-grad-school-length punchline:

"If you can't helium or curium, then you barium."

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