OKLAHOMA CITY — The coronavirus has never been a problem limited to people. Since the pandemic’s start, the virus’s potential to impact pets, livestock and wildlife has been a global concern.

Vaccines offer hope for an easing of the pandemic, but the coronavirus is not loitering around, waiting to be vanquished. Two significant genetic variants in Britain and South Africa pose a challenge on top of all the other misery and suffering. They require an urgent response and a concerte…

While 2020 has certainly been one of the most challenging years in modern history and recent memory, there is hope on the horizon that better days are ahead. Although the world is still reeling from the destruction caused by the coronavirus pandemic, glimmers of hope are brightening more eac…

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I were married for several years, divorced, then remarried 10 years later. During our separation, he had a lot of girlfriends. To this day, he keeps all their contact information. I discovered he has emailed some of them since we’ve been back together. I think he us…

WASHINGTON D.C. — The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today publication of its dynamic VA COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan. The plan is being executed at 37 sites across the country, including the Oklahoma City VA Health Care System.

Baltimore Ravens inside linebacker Patrick Queen reacts after making an interception against the Dallas Cowboys during the first half of Tuesday night's game.

Thanksgiving has seldom been more important. During this year’s holiday, widows, orphans, friends, colleagues, siblings, and neighbors mourned the deaths of 260,000 — so far — from the coronavirus pandemic. Families need this holiday as an occasion to remember, honor, and celebrate those who…

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma State Department of Health announced that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will bring free COVID-19 testing to Oklahoma between Saturday and Dec. 19.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday announcing expanded reopening of many Texas businesses in most of the state. Abbott, however, said bars will remain closed.

Q. We’re still hearing about hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus. Most medical authorities have concluded it is neither safe nor effective as a treatment for the virus.

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s chances of winning a second term will depend on two critical issues: defeating the coronavirus and putting millions of jobless Americans back to work.

The nation is five months and more than 128,000 lives into its worst disease outbreak in a century and, short of a vaccine or cure, only a few effective tools remain for staving off new coronavirus infections.


LAWTON, OK — Doing a job that is demanding on both the mind and body, police officers cherish every minute they can just relax. A group of women at Immanuel Baptist Church offered them that chance while restaurants were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officers with the Lawton Police Department gathered at least once a week for meals at Immanuel Baptist Church over the past 8 weeks.


LAWTON, OK — While the coronavirus has meant normal retirement parties have gone by the wayside, employees from the Lawton Fort Sill Veterans Center made sure one of the organization's original employees got a proper send-off anyway.

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