Details for Sell County

(Acquired at Resale) NOTICE is hereby given, pursuant to the OS Title 68 Section 3135 Paragraph B that I, Rhonda Brantley, County Treasurer of Comanche County, Oklahoma, will on the 27TH of October, 2021, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at my office in the Courthouse at Lawton, Oklahoma, sell separately the hereinafter described tracts, parcels, or lots of land all situated in Comanche County, Oklahoma, and heretofore acquired by said County at Resale. LEGAL DESCRIPTION _____________ STARTING BID ENSLEYS $10.00 BLK 39 LOT 2 1204 NW WILLIAMS AVE LOT SIZE 47.5 X 132 ACCT# 44356 EMPTY LOT LAWTON HEIGHTS $10.00 BLK 51 PT LOTS 17-20 BEING BEG 17’E & 70’7N OF SW/C E 89’2 N 61’ W 89’2 S 61’ LOT SIZE 61 X 89 2003 NW SHERIDAN RD ACCT#32060 EMPTY LOT LAWTON HEIGHTS $10.00 BLK 58 LOTS 3-4 1306 NW TAFT AVE LOT SIZE 57.8 X 131.7 ACCT#32113 EMPTY LOTS LAWTON VIEW $10.00 BLK 59 LOTS 25-26 1511 SW DOUGLAS AVE LOT SIZE 140 X 50 ACCT#1180 HOUSE MOUNTAIN VIEW $10.00 BLK 24 N 52’ OF E 90’ LOTS 10-12 1402 NW DEARBORN AVE LOT SIZE 52 X 90 ACCT#14378 EMPTY LOTS NORTH $10.00 BLK 18 LOTS 7-8 E 2’ LOT 8 414 NW EUCLID AVE LOT SIZE 150 X 52 ACCT #14601 BURNED HOUSE WALDMAN $10.00 BLK 16 LOT 16 1401 SW I AVE LOT SIZE 50 X 140 ACCT# 4500 EMPTY LOT The said properties will be separately sold to the highest competitive bidder, for cash in hand, subject to the Board of County Commissioners in its discretion. The apportioned cost of advertisement and other expense incident to said sale shall be paid by the purchaser, in addition to the amount bid upon said properties. Witness my hand this 4TH day of October, 2021. ______________ Rhonda Brantley, County Treasurer