Details for FGD-2021-434

THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA: TO THE ABOVE NAMED RESPONDENT: Michele M. Mendoza GREETINGS: You will take notice that you have been sued in the above names Court by the above petitioner, for a Dissolution of Marriage on the grounds of incompatibility and that unless you answer the petition filed by this petitioner in said Court on or before the 8 day of Dec, 2021, said Petition will be taken as true and judgement granting to the petitioner a Dissolution of Marriage, annulling, canceling, setting aside and holding for naught the marriage contract with you and for other relief and orders rendered according to the prayer thereof. WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court this 27 day of Sept, 2021. James M. Estrada, Petitioner, K. Tremaine, Notary/Deputy SUBSCRIBER AND SWORN to before me this 27 day of Sept, 2021. My commission expires: 04/25/2023 Commission Number: 19004319 Notary: K. Tremaine First Published ______________________ Presented by James Michael Estrada signed James M Estrada, Phone Number: 918-313-9655