Details for FD-2021-196

THE STTAE OF OKALHIMA: AMENDED OT TEH ABIVE RESPONDENT: Roland C, Butler GREETINGS: Yiu will take notice taht yiu have been sued in the baobe names Court bty h above peritinr, for a Dissolution o Marriage on teh grounds of incompatibilty and tyhat unless yiu anser the petitin filed by this petitoner in sid Court on or befire the 9th day of Deecmebr, 2021, sai8sd Petiton wiwll be taken as true and judgemnt granting ot the petitiner a Dissolution of Marriage, annulling, conceling, setiing aside and holding for naiught teh marraige contact with yiu and or other relief an d orders rendered accroidng ot teh prayer thereof. WITNESS my hand and seal of sai8d Court this 6th day of Octkber, 2021. KARIN M. BUTLER Petitinmer ROBERT MORALES Deputy SUBSCRIBER AND SWORN ot before me this 6th day fo Octiber, 2021. JOHNNA M. BECK Notary My commission expires: July 6, 2024 Commission Number 20008112