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When is a blimp not a blimp?

Why the Goodyear blimp isn't really a blimp and why no one cares, or if he does, shouldn't.

Spoiler alert: The Wingfoot Two that visited Lawton last week wasn't, technically, a blimp. Unlike its previous versions, the new ones are semi-rigid airships because they have a carbon and steel skeleton. True blimps  like your Uncle Harry or the guy who shows up at the coffee shop every day to drone on about about politics  are essentially gigantic bags of air.

Goodyear doesn't care. It's been a blimp for a century, so it's still a blimp. Goodyear flies blimps. So Wingfoot Two is a blimp. 

You might as well correct someone for calling the denizens of Elmer Thomas Park prairie dogs. Yeah, we all know they're not dogs  they're ground squirrels. Prairie dogs, ground squirrels. I think we have a winner. 

Or you might be a stickler and insist that the grazing woolly beasts at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge aren't buffalo. Sure, you're right, but we all know they're buffalo. William Cody wasn't Bison Bill, after all. 

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