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Tuttle man brings family for reunion with ‘VW family’

MEDICINE PARK — Passions often strike people out of nowhere.

What began with a car he “really didn’t want” has turned into far more than Jason Mathies ever intended. It is beyond a hobby and inching closer toward the “way of life” category.

Mathies, from Tuttle, arrived in Medicine Park this weekend with his family (wife Jill and sons Bryce and Braden). However, Mathies said he feels like he joined another “family” three-and-a-half years ago when he saw a 1971 Volkswagen bus at a show and couldn’t look away.

“I just thought, ‘I’ve got to have that,’” Mathies said.

Mathies had been driving a 1969 Beetle, which he says “fell in my lap.” And while he appreciated classic cars, it wasn’t necessarily Jason’s first choice.

“I didn’t really want it,” Mathies said. “But I drove it and eventually handed it down to Bryce.”

It wasn’t until after he fell in love with the orange and white bus (which he affectionately calls “Cecil”) in August 2015, restored it and began going to events with it that Mathies began to recognize the connection and kinship that existed between owners of classic Volkswagen vehicles.

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