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Petition seeks change in form of government in Frederick

FREDERICK  A Frederick resident is circulating a petition calling for the city to change its form of government.

That petition calls for a change from the current city manager form of government to a mayor strong form of government.

Chancie Davila said the petition has been circulated since Nov. 24 based on a number of concerns and will continue to be circulated until Jan. 1, 2018. About 1,000 signatures are needed to present the petition to the city council. Petitioners must be registered voters who reside within the City of Frederick.

Davila said that as of Friday there were an estimated 200 to 250 citizens who have signed the petition. She said the numbers were just "estimates" as a number of local residents serving as carriers of the petition have not yet turned in all their signatures.

"There is a large portion of the Frederick population that wants change," she said "We are tired of unengaged leadership, status quo, and allowing the massive decline in both jobs and people in our town. We want to be heard that we want, actually, demanding change."

This petition calls for the city council to hear citizens' voices and put change in place. The petition is suggesting a "Strong Mayor" form of city government or other viable options as an alternative to the present form of government. Davila said organizers know changing the form of city government isn't considered a "fix" and even after the petition drive is over and the finished product is presented to the city council, there will still be several more steps that will need to be taken.

Don't want city to die

"The point is that we don't want our city to die any more than it already has," she said. "We want our city council and city management to do what is necessary to facilitate growth in this town and that will bring in revenue, along with growing our population. At the rate of Frederick's decline, where will the current businesses be in one year, five years, or even 10 years?"

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