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New meters being installed in Marlow likely to reveal higher bills for residents

MARLOW  The City of Marlow is in the process of replacing all customer water meters, and as soon as that project is finished, new electric meters will be installed. The new meters will measure usage more accurately, causing bills to go up between 8-12 percent.

The city was previously losing a little money. "That's the main thing I want people to understand," said Jason McPherson, city administrator. "You're not paying for anything you are not using. Anything we said about automated metering from the beginning was you're probably going to see a little bit go up. Eight to 12 percent is about the range most people will go up. It's due to accuracy. We didn't change the rates."

Replacing the meters began the week of Jan. 15.

"We've been at it for seven years, studying this project," McPherson said. "They were on it before I got here. I picked it up from there ... Technology has changed since we've been studying this. Most of us live here. I was water meter number one. They put it in last Wednesday. I happened to be home with one of my sick kids and watched them do it. It really helped seeing the process to answer questions."

Professional Meters, Inc. is doing the installation and programming of water meters. The company is headquartered in Morris, Ill. McPherson said if residents are home when they come to install, they will knock on the door and let the citizens know they will be shutting the water off for about five minutes. Residents will also be notified when the water is back on.

The project includes replacing approximately 2,300 water meters and 2,300 electric meters at a cost of a little over $1.2 million, according to McPherson. He said there will be no rate change.

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