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Monday storm fell short of expectations

Although forecasts called for a penultimate Monday of storms through Southwest Oklahoma, the majority of what was felt was a deluge of fear throughout the day followed by an equal amount of rainfall overnight.

Much like Sunday night’s amount of hype for the series finale of “Game of Thrones,” the result of Monday night’s storm proved anticlimactic to the narrative preceding it. Following end-of-the-world predictions from the National Weather Service and stoked to national prominence with a warning for Lawtonians in particular that was made on “Good Morning America,” the worst was expected.

In the end, statewide, the storm made an impact with 47 total storm reports, including 10 tornadoes, according to the National Weather Service. There were 105 total warnings, including 28 tornado warnings.

For some, the predictions also prompted humor and scorn. Social media was alight with memes referring to the movie “Twister,” as well as mocking the mostly unfulfilled forecast. Photos of storm chasers lined up at McKenzie’s Burger Garage, 206 NW Dearborn, offered people an idea of the expectations felt by state and national media.

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