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Man spots tornado south of Geronimo

In the aftermath of the first Southwest Oklahoma spring storm of 2018, damage was kept to a minimum as an overnight downpour pushed the rain gauges in the much needed direction of up.

Although Comanche County was in a tornado watch all Wednesday afternoon and into evening, a warning upped the "antsy" for citizens concerned about possible devastation. For the most part, circulation was seen west of Cache but it dissipated by the time it reached the Wichita Mountains. In a whir of rain and wind, the storm passed to the northeast relatively peacefully before 8 p.m.

In the run up to its approach to Lawton, the storm brought high winds inside Geronimo city limits. Trampolines, tree limbs and other outside items flung cyclone-line around yards and neighborhoods caused some damage in town, according to Comanche County Emergency Management. But no injuries were reported.

From about 4 miles south of Geronimo, Les McKenzie snapped a photo of a tornado touching down in grassland to the southwest along U.S. 281. He said he didn't wait around to find out if it was coming right for him.

"I just took the pic and got my bootie out of there," McKenzie said. "I grabbed my dog and said 'C'mon, dog' and got inside."

Fortunately, he said, it passed with no damage to home or health.

McKenzie, owner of McKenzie Burger Garage, 206 NW Dearborn, said it was ironic that his selection for Friday's free family movie night and bingo would happen to be the Bill Paxton-Helen Hunt feature movie "Twister." Free to the family, he invited everyone to let off some pressure from surviving the storm and come out; it begins at 6:30 p.m.

Although there were some power outages reported Wednesday night from several different area electricity providers most outages were restored before Thursday morning.

Another system of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning announced itself after midnight. Around 1 a.m., sheets of rain feel so fiercely and voluminously that a van parked on a westside street appeared camouflaged by rain, its identity only available by the shape distortion of the water rolling off its body.

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