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Lankford shares personal history, advice with Elgin civics students

ELGIN — A group of Elgin Middle School students were afforded the opportunity to participate in a question-and-answer session Friday with Republican Sen. James Lankford.

The sixth and seventh grade students of Melissa Evon’s civics class met with the junior Oklahoma senator in the early afternoon — when they discussed everything from his early years as an elected official to his voting record to his hopes and dreams for his future in Washington, D.C.

Lankford started the session by asking students where they were planning to go for their spring break. After a short time engaging with the students to help them relax in his presence, he began taking questions. One student asked about his responsibilities as a senator. He told the group how he has three duties: passing laws, approving personnel to appointments made by the sitting president and oversight of government organizations. It’s a job that takes a substantial amount of time.

“Once an agency has that money that Congress has allocated or we passed a law, we call in the different agencies and ask why they did they choose this or that,” he said. “This is the law that was passed, what are you doing with it? It’s accountability and oversight. I typically fly out on Monday mornings and I fly back typically Thursday or Friday. I’m home on the weekend to get a chance to see my wife and see some fellow Oklahomans.”

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