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Kiowa tribal voters will cast ballots

Kiowa tribal voters are preparing to cast ballots for the primary election of officers.

The election will be Saturday to select the chair and vice chair as well as legislative representatives for Districts 1, and 4. Ballots must be in the Election Commission hands by today to be counted.

Candidates are

Chair/vice chair: Matt Komalty/Rhonda Ahhaitty, Lawrence Spottedbird/Renee Plata, and Bruce Dean Poolaw/Charlie Eisenberger

District No. 1 (Ah-Kaw-Lay/Anadarko): Willie Tartsah, Angela Chaddlesone McCarthy, and Katherine Ware-Perosi

District No. 3 (DoHau-doy/Medicine Bluff): Marilyn Bread

District No. 4 (Qop-aydle/Jimmy Creek): Charles Hines, Michael Turner, Steve Smith, and Billy Harris

The Kiowa Constitution states that with three or more candidates involved in a race and one candidate receives 51 percent of the vote, that candidate will be declared the winner. That rule applies for the chairman/vice chair and District No. 4. Districts No. 1 and 3 will be decided during the June 2 primary election if no candidate receives 51 percent or more.

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