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Kiosks make Duncan leisure activities easy

DUNCAN  People who like to fish, hunt, camp, ride horses or enjoy Duncan-area lakes in other ways will likely be happy with a turn the town has taken toward technology.

Last summer, Duncan invested in an electronic kiosk capable of taking payments from people by way of credit card or debit card and dispensing day or season permits for various lake activities. The kiosk was installed at a handy location near the main entrance to Duncan Lake and, according to Leland Parker, a sergeant at the Duncan Police Department who handles responsibilities at the lake, it's proven to be a good buy.

Local hunters and anglers like it because they no longer have to drive into Duncan to buy a permit at the police department or some other location or call to arrange to meet up with a lake ranger. The police department likes it because it allows lake officers more time to do other things. The town may even end up earning a little extra money, as the convenience may attract more people for a day of lake fun.

Between July 7 and Dec. 28 the Duncan Lake kiosk took in permit payments totaling $8,349.

"It's a convenience thing. As a fisherman, I'd much rather just go out to the lake and get a permit there," Parker said.

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