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Empty Bowls

Bowls will be filled with soup to stop hunger

ELGIN  Empty bowls crafted by elementary and high school students will be filled with soups Thursday to help stop hunger in the surrounding community. 

The high school students of Ruth Crittendon's art class joined other students in designing, molding and painting ceramic bowls as part of a fundraiser program that's now in its eighth year. The teenagers were given a helping hand this year by elementary students, who also joined in the fun of creating their own bowls. Three second-grade classes, a first-grade class and a pre-kindergarten class made their own  less ornate, though still very creative  bowls that will be available for purchase Thursday. This is the first year younger students have joined the fundraiser and Crittendon said it's been a fun experience. 

"It's been a really enjoyable time working with them," she said. "The high school students have been a lot of help in this time. They've helped keep everything on track and working, and I think it's a great addition."

Appreciation of art

The inclusion of the younger artists not only had the benefit of adding even more bowls for people to purchase at the fundraiser, but it also helped establish an appreciation of art and creativity with the elementary students. Crittendon said the younger students don't get a chance to work with clay until they get to high school. But bringing them over a couple times throughout the last few weeks to create their bowls has really encouraged many of them to try more artistic endeavors. 

"They had the chance to come over a couple times and experience a day of working with clay, and they're enjoying it," Crittendon said. "I hope they take it to heart and continue to explore the arts more."

Some of the younger students were already so proud of their work that they wanted to take it home. Crittendon said their bowls will be sold alongside the high school student bowls at the dinner, though she's sending word home to parents about the possibility of buying their children's work beforehand. 

"We don't want any kids to be disappointed, but we are doing this for a fundraiser," she said. 

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