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Duncan High School bands to give their  final concerts

DUNCAN  Historians agree that the human voice was the first musical instrument. It likely didn't take long for people to find a way to enhance the music coming out of their vocal chords.

Emerging from a variety of sources, humans created percussion instruments that enhanced vocal music. A hollow log became the first drum, dried gourds became maracas, two spoons banged together could create rhythm, and a coffee cup had its own distinctive sound.

A coffee cup?

Sure, why not a coffee cup as a percussion instrument?

On Monday and Tuesday (7 p.m. both evenings), students in Duncan Public School's band departments will perform their final concerts of the 2017-18 school year.

On Monday in the Duncan High School Auditorium, the percussion section from the high school and middle school will be under the direction of assistant band director Quinton Williams, when the coffee cup as an instrument will be revealed.

"The audience will hear some interesting and entertaining music from our percussionists, who are performing for the eighth straight year," said Jeramy Haas, director of bands and instrumental music. "Quinton Williams and the percussionists have a very unique program. About anything you can think of can be a percussion instrument, not just drums, maracas or vibes.

"The group will be doing a piece called 'Coffee Break', in which they'll use coffee cups as instruments. The cups are like the ones you'd get at Starbucks or Viridian (coffee shops), and using the cups becomes a stomp-like song."

On Tuesday, the spotlight falls on the full instrumental music department, which will be holding its spring band concert. The Duncan Middle beginning band will be under the direction of Assistant Band Director Dawn Haas, while Williams will direct the DMS concert band.

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