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Coed uncovers hidden song

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP)  An honors college student at Oklahoma Christian University was goofing off with a friend late one night in the school's dorms when she stumbled upon something unique: a musical piece hidden on a more than 500-year-old painting.

Amelia Hamrick, 20, said she and her friend decided to take another look at Hieronymus Bosch's painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights," when she discovered musical notation on the backside of one of the nude figures in the piece. The three-panel painting, created around the year 1500, depicts mankind's descent into Hell.

Hamrick, a sophomore, immediately went to work transcribing it to modern notation based on the assumption that the second line of the staff is C, which is common for chants of that time period. She recorded it and posted the audio file to her personal blog, where it quickly gained popularity.

The school said she is believed to be the first person to transcribe and play the song.

"People have written about the music on the guy's butt before, but nobody ever bothered to transcribe it, apparently," said Hamrick, from Bedford, Texas. "I fixate on weird little things."

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