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Church opens as shelter after Cache fire

With the Oklahoma wind doing its natural thing, fire danger has been high lately. But the wind combined with dry conditions caused a volatile situation in Cache Tuesday. 

Two homes, a vehicle and an RV trailer burned in a fast-moving fire, but fire departments from Lawton, Fort Sill, Indiahoma, Geronimo and the Comanche Nation were all on scene to ensure that no lives were lost and the fire didn't spread further.

"Firefighters stopped the fire from the group of apartments and the little trailer park," Paul Yutterman, of Centerpoint Energy said. "The fire was around the five trailers, but it didn't get into them. Everyone worked hard to keep this fire from being deadly."

Billy Cullins was helping fight the fire and save pets at the same time. 

"I am not part of the fire department, but I'm usually there to help out if I'm needed," Cullins said. "I was helping several people evacuate pets. The animals were let loose and if anyone is looking for them, the Animal Control Division has them and will give them back without fees."

Cullins went on to say that four or five propane tanks exploded during the fire and an electric transformer also blew up.

The firefighters and volunteers weren't the only folks on scene. Chloe Lewis, deputy director of the Comanche County Office of Emergency Management was on scene.

"We are here to support the firefighters and police," she said. "We keep them in water, and help with traffic control and make sure they have meals if the fire goes on long enough. We called the American Red Cross and they came to set up a staging area for people whose homes were damaged in the inferno."

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