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Christmas display ready for holiday

GERONIMO  Santa who? 

Wayne Stiokoff and his army of elves have been hard at work in the last weeks to give everyone an early Christmas present  two musical Christmas light shows lasting more than 30 minutes each. 

The alternating displays can be seen nightly at Stiokoff's home, just south of the Comanche-Cotton County line on U.S. 277. It's become a Christmas tradition for many in the close to 20 years since Stiokoff originally conceived of such a display. While he usually likes to make some changes to the shows to keep them fresh each year, Stiokoff described this year as more of a "maintenance year." 

"You have to get out there and just do some maintenance every so often," he said. "There's a lot of work in keeping those lights going each year."

Straight-line winds have always been an issue and have been known to wreak havoc with the display  especially the mega tree, which sits in the middle as the centerpiece. Stiokoff said working on it has become a little easier, especially since he switched to a new LED light system a few years ago. At least now he's able to work on any issues and solder new strands on the ground, as opposed to climbing a large, dangerous ladder.

"Let me tell you, ever since I made a system where I can lower this down to where I need to work, it's been a lot easier than trying to climb a 12 foot ladder," Stiokoff said.

While Stiokoff has spent the majority of the year working on the current displays to get them ready for prime time, he also managed to incorporate some older pieces from previous years into this year's show. Some might find these old props familiar and welcoming.

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