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Brothers alleged to have put teen in trash can

A pair of brothers are in jail on $50,000 each after being charged with beating a man and leaving him in a Carnegie trash receptacle for allegations he wronged their sister.

Adrian Guevara, 23, and Ryal L. Guevara, 27, appeared Monday in Caddo County District Court where each received a felony charge of aggravated assault and battery, court records. The crime is punishable by up to five years in prison.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Carnegie Police Officer Dustin Thurman was called the morning of April 14 to 215 E. Main on the report of a person passed out in a trash receptacle. Thurman stated he saw a shoe sticking out from underneath a pile of trash. After removing the dumpster and moving some trash bags, Thurman found a male teen unconscious with swelling of his eyes and forehead and blood on his nose and face. He was taken to Tri-County Municipal Hospital in Carnegie and later flown to OU Children's Trauma Center in Oklahoma City.

A witness told police he'd seen Ryan Guevara punch the teen and then apologize when he went inside, the affidavit states. The teen went to sleep, another person was watching him and Ryan Guevara came and got him and they never returned. He said Adrian Guevara had come by and sat with the teen for a while.

Another witness told police she saw Ryan Guevara hitting the teen in the head. She said she helped him inside the house. The witnesses left and returned to find the teen with two big lumps on his head and Ryan Guevara was gone. The teen was locked inside the house and another witness said that the Guevara brothers came to the house and took the teen. Later, the witnesses said, Adrian Guevara kicked in the door asking where the teen was and when told he was with his brother, sat on the couch. He left later through a bathroom window and dropped his phone, the affidavit states. When he returned, the witnesses said Adrian Guevara laughed at the teen because his brother "beat him up." Ryan Guevara also told people at the home he was "gonna bash their heads in until they die," according to the affidavit.

Adrian Guevara was brought in for questioning. He said he heard about the teen when he'd got off work. He said Ryan Guevara told him the teen stole a bottle of alcohol and they had been drinking all day. Adrian Guevara said he'd gone to check on the teen and he had knots on his forehead. He said he tried to keep the teen awake until he had to go back to work because he was concerned he had a concussion, according to the affidavit. He also said he hadn't seen his brother in "a day or so" because he tries to stay away when he is drunk "because he wants to fight everybody."

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