Legacy Mortgage Asset v. Janice J. White, et al., foreclosure.

Allstate Insurance Company v. Louvenia Fields, auto negligence.

Taylor Rankin v. Cassandra L. Topping, et al., auto negligence.

Quicken Loans v. Christine Adele Norris, et al., foreclosure.

JP Morgan Chase Bank v. Gabriel A. Hernandez, et al., foreclosure.

Bank of America v. Jenny K. Sjolander, et al., foreclosure.

Financepoint v. Craig Braga, replevin.

BOKF v. Rafael Quiles-Pacheco, et al., foreclosure.

BOKF v. William Tyrone Smalls, et al., foreclosure.


Clint W. Curtsinger, 29, and Haley J. Berry, 25.

Christopher D. Davis, 27, and Jessaka J. Gray, 26.

Jody R. Austin, 45, and Teresa M. Hall, 42.

Justin K. Cox, 27, and Baylee N. Evans, 23.

Jacob J. T. Matthews II, 18, and Andie L. Smith, 18.

Cody A. Houck, 28, and Kaylina L. Wharton, 22.

Jesus C. Pantoja, 57, and Melanie M. Rivera, 50.

Maurice H. Wadley Jr., 59, and Christina K. Simien, 49.

Sean P. Lowery, 23, and Annemarie Altman, 22.

Marcus A. Ward, 23, and Alyssa L. Baca, 24.

Corey R. Smith Jr., 24, and Eboni A. MCInnis, 24.

Adrian A. Serrano, 18, and Michelle Gomez, 18.

Andre M. Travis, 23, and Jescia I. Washington, 23.

David E. Sheppard, 26, and Riley K. Davis, 22.

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