Arvest Bank v. Allen H. Oligher, et al., foreclosure.

U.S. Bank v. Paul E. Butler, et al., foreclosure.

JPMorgan Chase v. Christopher Moors, et al., foreclosure.

Bayview Loan Servicing v. John. P. Williams, foreclosure.

Troy Capital v. Eva Craig, indebtedness.

Velocity Investments v. Charles E. Pulliam, indebtedness.

Velocity Investments v. Kurt Smenner, indebtedness.

Jordan Kness v. Nickolas Francis, auto negligence.

Demetrius S. Collins, et al, v. The United States City of Lawton, et al., damage.

Brooke Ferguson v. Luis Ortiz, Habeus Corpus.

BOKF v. Richard S. Harris, foreclosure.


Zachariah S. Phelps, 25, and Shelby J. Lehew, 25.

Alex T. Moore, 21, and Sydney M. Crockett, 21.

Nicholas D. Garcia, 22, and Kelsey L. Watson, 20.

Candice M. Shinkle, 43, and Margo E. Saldana, 42.

Toren D. Morton, 30, and Krystal J. Sears, 30.

Donald M. Francis, 50, and Chong M. Robbins, 54.

David J. L. Gerchman, 33, and Elsie B. Arhen, 28.

Avery E. Robinson, 21, and Amanda L. Corcoran, 21.

William A. Stinnett, 48, and Melanie M. Hendrix, 50.

Matthew C. Hinson, 43, and Lynsey R. Haire, 35.

Alvaro C. R. Guerrero, 46, and Alma R. S. Rodriguez, 42.

Jonas T. Criswell, 23, and Kayla L. Robinson, 23.

Robert C. McCoy, 25, and Jennifer E. Graham, 24.

Tory Robertson, 22, and Folole Tupa’i, 21.

Henry W. Kaulaity, 39, and Joreta D. Reyes, 38.

Jeffrey C. Willis, 26, and Angelina M. Pedretti, 27.

Evan D. Hays, 28, and Ashley A. Taff, 25.

Brian D. Stewart, 26, and Alexandria M. Murphy, 27.

Casey J. Moran, 22, and Jenna S. Kowalo, 21.

Elmer J. Colon, 18, and Solimar G. Rodriguez, 18.

Kevin L. Brown, 50, and Dana R. Aitson, 47.

Brandon J. Finch, 25, and Brittany T. Barton, 27.

Justin D. Locke, 31, and Kandis L. Holt, 34.

Justin M. Davis, 28, and Kaitlyn G. R. Turkelson, 24.

Nathan R. Thompson, 29, and Tonya L. Gallery, 33.

Luis R. B. Santiago, 23, and Kydaliz A. Cortes, 20.

Rickey D. W. Powell Jr., 28, and India S. Welch, 26.

Jillian S. Castaneira, 23, and Brittany N. Overton, 27.

Joseph M. Crawford, 20, and Brittany N. Wolf, 21.

Timothy A. Ware Jr., 24, and Jerusha R. Sterrett, 21.

Walter J. Archey III, 51, and Lacynthia K. Williamson, 48.

Brandon K. MClelland, 45, and Maribel Basoc, 39.

Bryan A. O’Brien, 40, and Meosha M. Porter, 33.

Trevor A. Jackson, 26, and Emmely A. M. Baert, 22

Leonard C. Milo, 63, and Crystal D. Nuncio, 43.

Felix Santillan Jr., 25, and Aljandra Avila-Tapia, 22.

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