PHH Mortgage v. Willie J. Weatherall, et al., foreclosure.

Guild Mortgage Company v. Veronica B. Schworm, et al., foreclosure.

The Money Source v. Robert Donnail Mays, et al., foreclosure.

Navy Federal Credit Union v. Isara Sarntaprapa, et al., foreclosure.

Quicken Loans v. James Erwin Jones, et al., foreclosure.

U. S. Bank v. Bonnie Nichols, et al, foreclosure.

Westlake Services v. Jennifer Morales, indebtedness.

Johnnie Ray Mcelroy v. Ralph Dale Bowling, negligence — general.

City National Bank. v. Native Smoke Signal Vapes, indebtedness.

JP Morgan Chase v. Barbara J. Altic, et al., foreclosure.

Emily R. Christian v. Laci N. Clark, auto negligence.

Saber Acceptance v. Christopher S. Perdue, breach of agreement — contract.

USAA Federal Savings Bank v. James R. Winslow, et al., foreclosure.

Ford Motor Credit v. Alfred E. Finch, replevin.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Jordan Manka, et al., foreclosure.

Gregory Howell v. Stephen Hanza, negligence, general.


Surajbhia H. Patel, 27, and Trupti Patel, 26.

Donavis L. Reauxmaine, 21, and Michaela L. Seders, 21.

Patrick H. Freund, 28, and Victoria D. Garrett, 24.

Joseph M. Aldaco, 27, and Gabrielle L. Manuel, 21.

Joshua M. Schimmels, 30, and Allison M. Weatherly, 26.

Secoria L. Anderson, 34, and Isiash L. Gandy, 41.

Peng Cheng, 27, and Mengyu Xia, 30.

Christopher J. Smotherman, 20, and Elizabeth M. McDougald, 22.

Jacob S. Warren, 35, and Camille J. Turrubiates, 25.

Tracy S. Burks, 53, and Kari L. Burks, 49.

Justin T. Richardson, 26, and Heather M. Franco, 25.

Shawn P. Isom, 39, and Misty D. Jones, 35.

Evelyn M. Thurman, 21, and Brittni N. Richardson, 24.

Timothy E. Teel, 34, and Amber N. Thrasher, 29.

Barbra L. Smith, 53, and Christine Cockeran, 41.

Scott J. Voos Jr., 27, and Savannah M. Speck, 23.

Holley A. Bolt, 34, and Erika A. Martinez-Abril, 36.

Allen M. Miller, 24, and Brandy V. Lopez, 20.

Jeremy M. Kovach, 20, and Kaitlin J. Fritz, 28.

Terrance P. Emmet, 56, and Stacey A. Kain, 49.

Blake A. D. Gourney, 24, and Britany M. Doucet, 22.

Jaime Gerena Jr., 24, and Paola A. Hernandez, 29.

Ryan D. Allen, 25, and Jessica R. Smith-James, 25.

Shawn M. Goodsell, 19, and Jordyn J. Cantu, 20.

Zachery E. Booker, 33, and Terren M. Collins, 36.

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